Green Bubbles at Dutch Design Week

Virtual Reality diving at the Dutch Design Week 2016

Virtual Reality diving at the Dutch Design Week 2016


On 22-30 October NHTV’s Academy for Digital Entertainment showcased some great projects on VR Design and Research which were the outcome of a unique co-creation between researchers, students, lecturers and the industry. The Green Bubbles Dive experience was one of them.

Dutch Design Week is the biggest design event in Northern Europe and presents work and ideas of more than 2500 designers. Over 5000 visitors, varying from ‘VR first timers’ to professional VR designers, visited the Enversed Realities Exposition last week. For 9 days we informed visitors about VR design, inspired them on future possibilities and of course gave them a great and fun experience. The fact that the Exposition was mentioned as a tip in ‘Best of DDW’ because of the crossover between technology and design showed that we did a great job.

Green Bubbles Dive gives the possibility to move around in a virtual underwater world and has been developed within the EU funded Green Bubbles project. With this virtual world the project wants to create awareness and to maximize the benefits associated with diving while minimizing its negative impacts on the environment.

Every visitor from young to old loved this beautiful virtual underwater world, felt like they were really there and people did not want to get out of the ‘water’!