Meet the Team – Martina Milanese, Studio Associato GAIA

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Martina Milanese – GAIA


I work at Studio Associato Gaia (Italy), I live in Africa (developing sustainable tourism in the desert) and adore dogs & food (any type, for both). I’m a marine biologist with a PhD in Marine Sciences, but also a diving instructor with working experience in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Maldives. I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship between humans and the ocean, which made me interested in science communication and environmental education and ultimately led me into Green Bubbles. I still haven’t got enough of the sea.

Website: Studio Associato Gaia snc

Some of the Green Bubbles’ output I contributed to:

– Lucrezi S, Milanese M, Markantonatou V, Cerrano C, Sarà A, Palma M, Saayman M. Scuba diving tourism systems and sustainability: Perceptions by the scuba diving industry in two Marine Protected Areas. Tourism Management 59: 385-403. Read it in Zenodo here.

– Lucrezi S, Milanese M, Danovaro R, Cerrano C. “Generation Nemo”: motivations, satisfactions and career goals of marine biology students. Journal of Biological Education. Read the accepted manuscript here.