Meet the team – Serena Lucrezi, NWU

Serena Lucrezi NWU TREES

Serena Lucrezi – NWU


I am a research fellow at TREES, with a PhD in environmental studies. My research interests range from human impacts on coastal environments to human dimensions of marine tourism and marine environments, marine governance, conservation, and education. For Green Bubbles, I investigate the scuba diving tourism sector from an environmental sustainability point of view, collecting data from scuba divers and dive operators. I am also involved in a range of educational and dissemination activities, involving scuba divers, professionals, scientists, and the general public.

Website: TREES – NWU

Some of the Green Bubbles’ output I contributed to:

– Lucrezi S, Milanese M, Markantonatou V, Cerrano C, Sarà A, Palma M, Saayman M. Scuba diving tourism systems and sustainability: Perceptions by the scuba diving industry in two Marine Protected Areas. Tourism Management 59: 385-403. Read it in Zenodo here.

– Lucrezi S, Milanese M, Danovaro R, Cerrano C. “Generation Nemo”: motivations, satisfactions and career goals of marine biology students. Journal of Biological Education. Read the accepted manuscript here.

– Lucrezi S, Saaymand M. Sustainable scuba diving tourism and resource use: Perspectives and experiences of operators in Mozambique and Italy. Journal of Cleaner Production 168(1): 632-644. Read the accepted manuscript here.