Green Bubbles has proudly wrapped up at the 1st International Scuba Diving Sustainability Workshop, held in Genoa (Italy) on October 19-21.

The 3-day event, organised by Reef Check Italia onlus, saw the participation of about 80 convenors including representatives of 5 branches of the Reef Check Foundation (Reef Check USA/Worldwide, Egypt, Germany, Malaysia, Italy), of 3 certifying agencies (PADI, SDI-TDI, FIAS), of the European Underwater Federation (EUF), of various local and national diving centres and schools, of various national and international research entities and reserves (including the Partial Marine Reserve of Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique), of civil society and international organisations (Green FinsReef World Foundation, Blue Ocean Network, Project AWARE), of other EU-funded projects (MPA-ADAPT, CleanSea LIFE). Members of the press were also present.

The workshop was organised as two days at the Galata Maritime Museum in Genoa dedicated to oral communications, networking and round tables (19-20 October 2018) followed by one day of hands-on seminars and field practice in the Portofino MPA (21 October 2018). A total of 30 oral communications were given by invited speakers, GB researchers and registered participants. Topics included: Environmental, economic, social sustainability; In-depth analysis of the diving world; New products; New business models; Marketing strategies; Innovative approaches and tools
Citizen Science & Ocean Literacy; Quality labels; Diving safety; Commercial initiatives; Education (the book of abstract of the event can be downloaded here).

The event quickly translated into a powerful networking opportunity, with representatives of different sectors, disciplines and countries being able to discover not only the results achieved by Green Bubbles but also the variety of the broader diving research and practitioners’ community – and the willingness to find a common ground to make it sustainable. Further info on the programme, keynote speakers, activities can be found here obut don’t forget to have a look at what Reef Check, PADI, BlueOcean Network and Scubaportal also have to say!!

Happy Green Bubbles to all!!