The Green Bubbles manual linking diving and Ocean Literacy!


We have been working hard to study the structure of school curricula to find all possible connections between subjects, Ocean Literacy Principles and scuba diving training/practice, and finally… welcome to the Green Bubbles manual!

Are you a school teacher? You will find a series of practical and theoretical modules covering school curricula subjects in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences and Physics. Each module links with one or more of the established Ocean Literacy Principles, and offers a range of resources – including how to best connect the topic covered in the module with aspects of the scuba diving (or snorkelling) training and experience.

Are you a diving instructor? No worries, the manual is there for you too! Thanks to its intuitive visual tagging system, you can use the manual starting from elements of the diving and snorkelling experience, to find the best ways and link them with school topics.

The manual is currently in Italian, but will soon be translated also in English. Enjoy!!