Divers can finally join Green Bubbles, too! Share your underwater observations, discover marine life at your favourite diving destinations and in places that you’re still dreaming of, promote your dive center/school and help science while supporting conservation. Together we can add value to each and single dive!

Joining in is easy:

1. Register at www.iNaturalist.org (then you can download the App and/or get access via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr…).
2. Search for the “Green Bubbles project” and add it to your list of projects.
3. Explore the underwater world, take pictures (using your excellent buoyancy skills!) and enter your observations.
4. Once you’ve entered one observation in the iNat website, just add it to Green Bubbles by selecting the project from the drop-down menu under “add to project”, and fill in the quick data-entry form. That’s it!

Unsure on some ID? No worries – iNat is just great for learning-while-doing, and you can rely on the Green Bubbles team as well as from the wide community of fellow divers for immediate feedback.

The ocean is still largely unexplored… Let’s fix it!